“Who is it that wishes to know?”

     ”A friendly, possibly demonic stranger.
      I’ll warn you, if you don’t give me a
      name, I’m going to have to come up with
      something creative to call you.”

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Meg + smiling


Enough of this demons are second-class citizens crap!

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ᴍɪɴᴇᴄʀᴀꜰᴛ ᴀᴜ | ɪʜᴜɴᴛ-ᴍᴏɴꜱᴛᴇʀꜱ


"I don’t exactly have any weapons…”  Willow  frowned, looking around, “We might not be able to take out anything supernatural, if we don’t have certain kinds of wood or knives…”  The redhead chewed her lip, glancing back up at the structure as the moans got closer. 

"but we can’t just leave it.  How about I lead, and you cover me?"  The woman suggested, looking around before picking a stick up off the ground — perfectly angular, she noted with a suspicious frown — and held it at the ready.  "This’ll have to do."

     A pair of brow raised in incredulity when Willow lifted an unnaturally shaped stick. “You think that’ll do any lethal damage?”

     Even so, Meg came upon the decision to back up the redheaded one. Though she had yet to test her demonic abilities in a realm like this one, she was certain she could manage. Furthermore, Willow was a hunter, wasn’t she? She could’ve been super talented with that stick.

          “Yeah, okay,” Meg confirmed, raising her voice ever so slightly in competition with the groaning entity, “I’ll be right behind you.”

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"I’ll do my best," Willow nodded her head a little, "Try to be pretty low key.  Except, you know, when I’m drunk.  I’ll have to not drink when I’m in hell."  Which would be pretty easy, given she doubted demons were very concerned with fermenting anything.  “What exactly was the payment, though?”  The redhead asked curiously, “I mean, I know it’s not fully worked out, but i’d like to know if I have to rob a bank or chop someone’s hand off or somethin’.”  She paused for a moment before adding,

"Once I had to get someone a hand.  A human hand.  I hate having to get body parts.”


          “Ironically, there’s some minor-league demon that they want taken down. I agreed to help, if they could help me help you.”

     Meg had developed a decent enough understanding of human manners and politeness, though her grim sense of humor was still in tact. Regardless of whether or not Willow’s hand statement was intended to be humorous, it caused the demon to let out a snicker.

          “That must’ve been terrifying,” she grinned widely, “but, no, you won’t have to give anyone any body parts. Just be quiet about this whole deal; no blabbering about how you met Meg and some reapers, capisce?”

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     ”Yep, that’d be me. Howdy, Dean.”

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Now I’m not usually sentimental, but I know this one chick and she is super nice to me and it’s totally her birthday today, so y’know what?

Happy Birthday, Victoria! Keep being a badass human (you seriously beat the Winchesters ten times over, they suck.)

Have an awesome day, Kiddo!


     Meg has pyrophobia. This is mostly due to experiences related to Hell, though it can also be linked to the fact that she was pushed into a ring of holy fire. That was just a little bit excruciating.

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brooklyngxmbler ;  
[ happy birthday !! did i get it right this time ? //sweats ]

[yes!! you did indeed get it right! thank you, friend!]

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